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The Bear Turned a New Leaf . . . PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Paula Diaco   
Wednesday, 16 May 2012 22:02
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. . . And more bGreen Leafed Bearad puns like that have been used all day today. We did have fun deciding what "the bear" would be wearing--and a cloak of GREEN leaves is perfect.

This bear is part of Burlington Bears Its Art, a collaboration of community, art and business. We're a little late--bears decorated by other area businesses are already on the street (specifically Church Street and the Marketplace), but tomorrow we'll transport our leafy bear to the folks who will transport him to a public place somewhere in Burlington for viewing from May to September, 2012.

We opted to show our sign production expertise and wrap this over-sized teddy bear rather than simply paint him. We chose green as a way for us to start telling our clients about our green sign options. All of our graphics are printed on our new printer, which offers a solvent-free, full-color option that's far more earth friendly than other printers' output.

In the fall, he will be auctioned off and the partial proceeds will go to COTS (Committee on Temporary Shelter).

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