Quick Tips - Get the Most Out of Your Signage

Anti-graffiti tip

Is your sign in a graffiti zone? Removing graffiti can be difficult, but when ordering a new, flat-faced sign, request that anti-graffiti film be applied over your sign graphics. Graffiti is more easily removed!

Solar Lights tip

Do your town ordinances prevent you from having an internally lit sign? Try solar lights. They're perfect for smaller signs hanging from a single post or between two posts. The solar light fixtures apply light from the sides or top. They're cost-effective and you never have to worry about blackouts!

ADA sign tip

ADA signs for your high school? Purchase blast-etch signs, please. They're made of a single piece of material and the Braille and tactile lettering can withstand prying from an earnest teen's car key. Blast-etch signs come in a variety of colors, including custom ones, and they are durable and not easily broken when pounded on!

Magnetic signs tip

My magnetic signs are warped! We've heard this lament before and our answer? Lay them on the hood of your vehicle that's sitting in the sun. The warm hood makes the vinyl backing flexible, and allows the magnetic sign to lay flat again. Or if it's wintertime, use a heat gun to soften the vinyl. Store your magnetics on a flat metal surface--the side of a filing cabinet works well.

Ballast tip

Is your lighted sign only partially lit? The light bulbs (called "lamps") are burned out and/or the ballasts, which transmit electricity from the wiring into the lamp itself, need to be replaced. Both of these problems are easily fixed by your sign company or a trusted electrician.

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