Green Materials and Products for Signage

Introducing Eco-Safe – Products that can boost your image and build your brand in an environmentally responsible way.

Signarama’s Eco-Safe product line has been carefully selected to provide sustainable and responsible alternatives to many traditional sign products. By combining waterproof and odorless latex inks with a range of recycled and recyclable substrates we can offer affordable solutions for virtually any advertising campaign.

Eco-Safe Tyvek® banners are printed with waterproof, odorless latex inks on 100% recyclable DuPont® Tyvek® HDPE material. Tough and lightweight, these eco-friendly banners are a sustainable alternative to traditional scrim vinyl.

With an ultra-smooth finish and crisp vibrant printing – our Tyvek® banners are perfectly suited to promote your products and services at tradeshows, in your boardroom, or at outdoor events. 
Choose Eco-Safe recyclable Tyvek® banner for applications requiring bright colors, close-up viewing and fine details – but don’t be afraid to take them outdoors!

Eco-Safe HDPE reinforced banner reduces the impact of printing on the environment. This tough, lightweight woven banner offers the strength of traditional scrim banners and is 100% recyclable.
The distinctively textured appearance is as appealing as its green properties are rewarding. These banners are at home in demanding environments and offer exceptional color fidelity and saturation – making them suitable for use indoors or out!

Eco-Safe Biodegradable banners are printed on compostable banner stock that is designed to degrade in a landfill. This smooth textured curl-free banner stock prints with high resolution and great color fidelity. They are completely waterproof for outdoor use and work great indoors as well!
When mounted in retractable banner stands or X-stands they become great additions to your store’s display or trade show booth – and help you show how much your company cares about the environment.

Chose Eco-Safe Biodegradable banners if you want the look of traditional scrim banners and the simplicity of discarding as compostable waste.
Eco-Safe heavy textile banner is a woven media that combines durability, versatility and recyclability. This flame-resistant smooth polyester delivers great, long-lasting indoor image quality and exceptional dimensional stability.

The elegant appearance is perfect for long-term displays and the extremely low VOC emissions and minimal chemical residues qualify this material for Oeko-Tex® certification for safe indoor use.
Great for use in banner stands, at tradeshows, and as hanging banners. This non-reflective material is at home in almost any interior application.

Wondering how to recycle Eco-Safe banners? When your promotion ends, simply return your Eco-Safe banners to our shop for recycling. We will remove the grommets and return them to the manufacturer for recycling.

Partner with Signarama for sustainable solutions for all your promotional needs.  Our knowledgeable staff will recommend products which are good for the earth and provide a responsible alternative to traditional substrates and marking methods.

We offer local pickup or can ship anywhere!

Eco-Safe Recyclable Large-Format Posters are printed on 100% recyclable photo-quality poster material with 100% odor-free latex inks.  Your high resolution photos and graphic files will print with amazing clarity and rich saturated colors. Kept out of direct sunlight, your heavy-duty posters will remain vibrant for decades!

When no longer needed, simply recycle them as paper waste in your communities’ recycling program.  It’s as easy as that!

Eco-Safe Canvas prints are printed on 100% recyclable artist quality cotton canvas with odor-free latex inks. These richly textured non-reflective prints will look equally at home in your boardroom or your living room! They can be stretched and framed like a great masters painting, mounted to a recyclable board, or sewn with a pole pocket to hang like a flag or banner.

Eco-Safe mounting boards are made from aluminum, wood, cardboard, and recycled or recyclable plastics. We offer a wide choice of mounting options for interior and exterior applications - some are best for short-term use, while others can be used inside or out for extended use. Tell us your application and we will suggest the options most appropriate for your budget and proposed use.
These materials look professional, are able to withstand the harshest environments, and provide sustainable alternatives to traditional non-recyclable materials.

Simply return your old Eco-Safe mounting boards to us and we will get them safely recycled.

Eco-Safe PVC Free Wall Paper will provide great impact to your retail space or conference room in an eco-friendly way. Your logos and graphics, custom printed with 100% odor-free latex inks, will transform your space and provide an incredible backdrop to deliver your brand message or to simply create a mood. Your wall wrap will be crisp, long-lasting and totally unique.

We offer custom art preparation and installation for all your eco-friendly wall treatments.

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