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A Directory Sign Made from Cut Vinyl: A Simple Sign Solution

We are a corporate sponsor for the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, our local theater and theater arts venue. It’s a jewel in Burlington’s creative crown and we love providing them with sign solutions for their communications issues.

Original metal directory signThey needed a solution recently and wanted to correct the problem with a fast turnaround. 

Nancy Abbott-Hourigan, assistant to the Executive Director and the curator/manager of the Center’s Amy E. Tarrant Gallery, told us that someone decided to yank off the wall and remove one of their directory signs--specifically, the directory in the lobby of the FlynnSpace next to the theater’s main entrance and ticket outlet window.

It was a metal sign with slats that posted the floor level and office names. Now the directory was gone and guests looking for the administrative offices, dance, and other class rooms would not know where to find them.

They needed the directory quickly and to Nancy’s credit, she suggested we make the sign from vinyl and apply the directory directly to the wall. It can’t be taken from the wall like the metal sign because it’s high overhead, and the wall allowed it to be big enough to catch people’s eye and be easily read.

While we’re at it, Nancy said, let’s add the Flynn Center’s Mission Statement. Years ago, former Executive Director, Andrea Rogers, talked to us about applying the mission statement to a wall around the corner from the lobby. It would be completely out of view unless you decided to use the elevator.

Wall graphics installed at the Flynn Center

Instead, the statement resides next to the directory and announces their mission while immediately letting people know what offices are on what floor. The vinyl color matches the vinyl used on the exterior window of the adjacent Amy E. Tarrant Gallery—it’s a soft, off-white. It looks great on the window and awesome in contrast to the lobby’s wall color.

Thank you, Flynn Center, for allowing us to provide you with an alternative to standard directory signs with something that will work for years to come.

Signs for a Tax Accountant

Peggy Munro, E.A., from Tax Panacea in Essex Jct., ordered signs from SignARama Vermont. Her home office entrance is now easily found by her clients, and an enlarged Tax Panacea logo now adorns her interior business hallway.

We interBrass sign at exterior to officeviewed Peggy about her new signs.

Q: Why signs? You have a home office with an easy-to-find address—why did you add the brass sign to your entrance?

A: This one's easy - no one is ever sure whether to come to my front door or the office door, and after four years, I still can't remember which doorbell rings where. Also, I'm tired of UPS/Fedex and the PO putting packages in all sorts of places, only to be found weeks later.

Q: How has the entrance signed helped you and your clients?

A: Everyone likes the front door sign, thinks it looks terrific, and makes the business look much more businesslike.
Tax Panacea hallway sign
Q: Why your logo in the hallway?

A: I'm trying to brand my business more. I had the logo created years ago, and always wanted it in the hallway, but never got that far. This is just a first step (although I think we have to come up with a better way to light it).

Q: How has the Tax Panacea logo affected your clients?

A: The logo is very abstract, and everyone seems to read something different into it. There was certainly a basis for it (a giant aspirin), but I'm enjoying listening to people's interpretations of the artwork. And, as an icebreaker for new clients, or just as a way to get a difficult conversation started (as conversations about money tend to be), it's a way in that feels natural, not abrupt.

Q: Overall, how have the signs helped your business, you, and your clients in tangible and intangible ways?

A: Even though mine is an invisible business (it's in the basement of a house in an extremely residential neighborhood), this lets people now (1) that they're in the right place, and (2) that this is no fly-by-night, street-corner tax service, but a real and very serious business venture.

Finn the German Shepherd Immortalized in Laser Cut Acrylic or Will the Real Finn Please Stand Up?

Remember our May photo contest? Enter your favorite pet photo to win a stand up portrait of your pet?

Finn was the winner and a photo of him is now immortalized in vinyl and acrylic for his family and friends to enjoy.

Christine KozandFinn with Laser Cut Acrylic Stand Upa entered Finn’s photo in the contest. She tells us that he’s her family’s 7th German shepherd who was adopted after her mom lost her dog AJ quite unexpectedly.

“I actually played a trick on her and told her Finn had been sold,” said Christine. “And then I showed up at her house with him the next day. Her expression was at the very least priceless when she turned around.”

Finn currently hangs out with his k-9 buddy Granite and apparently drives him crazy. He’s a character with lots of spunk, Christine said. We at SignARama think he's very photogenic.

He’s a stand up portrait now, but he’s always been a stand up kind of dog. He enters photo contests and donates his cash and prizes to rescues and shelters. Finn has his own Facebook page, which helps spread the word about his mission to help his homeless friends.

Would you like to turn your pet into a Stand Up?

A Lighted Sign Panel Welcomes Customers to The Mane House and Boutique

You may have seen Lynn Wilkinson’s lighted sign at 3099 Williston Road in South Burlington after dark. The sign advertises her salon, The Mane House & Boutique, which she opened in December, 2012.

A graduate of ObDanielle, left, and Lynn in front of Mane Houserien’s School of Cosmetology, she has been cutting, coloring, perming and styling hair since 1990. The Mane House is the second time she has started her own salon, and the first time she has done it solo.

“I got into this because all of the hairdressers I knew growing up were so beautiful,” Lynn said.

She quickly transferred from stylist to manager in her first job at Hair Cuts for Less and then partnered with another stylist while her children were young. Together they opened their own salon.

“I was missing out on my kids’ childhoods,” Lynn said. Having a partner allowed her the flexibility of being a mom and a business owner.

Last summer, with her children mostly grown up, Lynn decided to go out entirely on her own. She sought a location in South Burlington and found her current location on Williston Road.

Her friend and client, Markey Read of Career Networks, described Lynn’s reasons for going it alone:

“Lynn’s old shop was too big and she was burned out from holding up the overhead and trying to keep other stylists on staff. The Mane House is completely different. All of her energy and style get expressed there.  The whole place is always evolving – she gets new unique items—furniture, jewelry, artwork, and other decorative items—into the shop every week.”

Lynn is renting chairs in her current location and already has one rented to Danielle Michael, a stylist who has always wanted to do hair. “I have a passion of doing things for people,” Danielle said.

When she walked into Mane House for the first time, Danielle developed an immediate good feeling bout Lynn. “We’re meant to be,” she said, referring to her working  relationship with Lynn.

Lynn is an intuitive stylist. “I use face shape a bit, but I also look into my clients’ eyes to see their personality—who they are,” she said. She asks people about their hair habits—how much time do they spend styling it and how much product they use?

“My haircuts come to me in my dreams,” Lynn said. “I have had to reschedule appointments because I hadn’t yet had a dream about that person’s hair style.” That may sound odd, but Lynn’s clients love her creative expression. And Lynn loves it “When my customers tell me to do what I think will look good.”

Identifying the former home where Mane House now resides was easy. Mane House shares sign space with Vermont Auto Detail Center. An acrylic sign panel was removed and a new one inserted. On it is text, a line drawing of a man, a woman, and sexy hair. The sign is internally lit, so passers-by can read it at night and on cloudy days.

“I love the sign,” Lynn said. “And I love what I do. Who doesn’t want sexy hair?”

When Bad Things Happen to Good Signs

The driver of the car drove way too fast for the slick roadway. As he approached the curve on Leroy Road in Williston, VT, he realized his mistake. The road turned to the left, but he kept on going up and over the wall in front of Best Tile. We suspect he was trying not to hit another car. Fortunately, no one was hurt in this accident.

A car hit our sign!Except for the sign. You can see parts of it near the wheels. We received an email shortly after the accident that read, "My street sign suffered a life ending injury a couple of days ago."

Replacement was fairly easy. We acquired a sign permit for their new sign and then scheduled an installation date. It's still winter here in Vermont, so we chose a day where the temperature was above single digits. The manager, Doug Maynes, watched our staff during installation.

"I made a point to go out and thank the installers. I know it wasn't easy to get tBest Tile has a new signhrough the frost layer,. I watched them towards the end where they took great care to make sure it was level and right," Doug said. "I appreciated that they took some pride on what they were doing."

We've been told that people can read the new sign from at least a quarter mile away, which is advantageous for Best Tile. The visibility gets them the attention they deserve from a sign that's very visible, and branded with their logo.

Of course, removing the car has helped their branding efforts, too.



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